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By Jr60 on Monday, October 28, 2002 - 01:24 pm:  View Jr60's Profile Search for other posts by Jr60 Edit this post

Been a while since I posted, but bad news on this one. Had my 2001 Falco stolen last night from my locked garage about 4 in the morning. Located in N.Ireland near Ballynahinch and according to the police, bike is probably on its way down to the south of Ireland and then onto GB.

So if anybody hears of a 2001 silver falco with Renegade pipes (c/fibre low mounts) going very cheap, give me a shout.

PS Does anyone know if there is any chance of claiming for the pipes from the insurance?


By Exdukenut on Monday, October 28, 2002 - 01:42 pm:  View Exdukenut's Profile Search for other posts by Exdukenut Edit this post

Sorry to hear, about your loss. Unless your pipes were noted to the insurers, then I doubt whether they will be covered.

Bastards, should be taken out and hung from their short and curly's for all to see.  

By Litre1 on Monday, October 28, 2002 - 01:45 pm:  View Litre1's Profile Search for other posts by Litre1 Edit this post

Sorry to hear about your loss! I wouldn't be able to function for at least a week if mine was stolen.

I don't know how insurance works in Ireland, but my insurance covers aftermarket parts up to $1000. I think it depends on the policy itself.  

By Ronnie on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - 03:03 am:  View Ronnie's Profile Search for other posts by Ronnie Edit this post

Bastards should be taken out.
The worst bit of it all is that they knew where the bike was and had been probably been checking your movements,lock up etc.,checking you werent a night shift worker etc..
It is unlikely to have been stolen to order so it will either be broken up or shipped thru the South of Ireland to GB.
A mate hade this happen a few years ago and put an advert in the local rag looking for spare parts for a bike the same as his.Lo and behold this guy phones and says he has some spares.Went out,found the pipes were his and got plod on the job.Nicked!

Best of luck mate.You should post the frame numbers on this site and on the falcoforum site.

I am in N Ireland too but dont know about cover for extras. I havent told my company about any extras therefore if I come clean it could invalidate my cover.Be careful,they hate paying out and could make it awkward for you.

Good luck


By Biggums on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - 10:21 am:  View Biggums's Profile Search for other posts by Biggums Edit this post

Its hard to imagine crime like that in Ireland. Sounds like a California kinda thing. I guess these bastards are everywhere. Keep a eye on Ebay!  

By John1000 on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 - 12:09 am:  View John1000's Profile Search for other posts by John1000 Edit this post


By Prilliant on Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 09:49 am:  View Prilliant's Profile Search for other posts by Prilliant Edit this post

It really makes yer blood boil. These bastards should be skinned alive. I always thought bike theft wasn't such a big problem here, certainly not in the way car theft is. That'll be no comfort to you of course. It would be worth contacting Irish breakers yards pretending you're looking for Falco parts. Might not work but gotta be worth a try.
In the meantime I'll keep my eyes (and ears) peeled for word of an SL1000 for sale or being broken.

Best of Luck Mate.  

By Zazutata on Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 12:57 pm:  View Zazutata's Profile Search for other posts by Zazutata Edit this post

Very sorry to hear this....I know it's no consolation but a bike in a garage can be quite an easy steal. A £75 pager (I have a Datatool) fitted to my alarm system helps me sleep a bit easier at night whilst my Falco is in the garage. Also, it's locked down with two Abus chains to make sure. Good luck...  

By Racerxlilbro on Friday, November 01, 2002 - 08:23 am:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post

I just RELUCTANTLY bought an alarm/disc lock for mine...I hate it. But, that is the world we're living in, isn't it???

Sorry to hear it...  

By Andyjfalco on Sunday, November 03, 2002 - 10:18 am:  View Andyjfalco's Profile Search for other posts by Andyjfalco Edit this post

Tough luck mate. I think you will find the original pipes are quite a bit more expensive than the Renes. Don't tell the insurance and sell them.
Or buy a BIG gun/and or Rotweiler.  

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