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By Matthew on Monday, July 29, 2002 - 08:10 am:  View Matthew's Profile Search for other posts by Matthew Edit this post

I've had my falco for a month or so now, and it has just over 1K miles on it.

I'm starting to get a fair amount of vibration, notably on the right-hand bar and footrest - my last bike was a twin too, an SV650S, and I had vibration in that too but I think the Falco is worse.

It seems to be worst around 5-6K rpm... which is unfortunate, since I do some touring and that's motorway cruising speed (for me, at least). Riding at that speed for about 20-30 minutes, my right hand and foot go numb :(

Is there anything I can do about this, or is it just a pitfall of having a big 60-degree v-twin?


By Racerxlilbro on Monday, July 29, 2002 - 09:13 am:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post

Hmm, I've got over 5k miles on mine and the vibes, while noticeable, are not bad. Certainly, they're not bad enough to make my foot get numb.

Just curious, is the vibe present at that RPM regardless of road speed?

I know that my bike was noticeably smoother after I installed the Rene pipes and chip...there was a noticable difference in the way the bike ran right in the Rev Range you're complaining about...  

By Zhaith on Monday, July 29, 2002 - 10:59 am:  View Zhaith's Profile Search for other posts by Zhaith Edit this post

It could be that the cylinders are a bit out of sync, as I am getting a fair bit of vibration now, enough to make my hands tingle after a couple of hours riding, but one hand doesn't feel particulary worse than the other.

Did some searching, found this courtesy of Crmc33.


The left footrest assembly is joined to the gearbox selection shaft in the engine.
The right footrest assmbly is attached to the rear brake master cylinder which is mounted on the footrest hanger (from memory).
Maybe this is a clue?
The left footrest is damped by the linkage to the engine whilst the right footrest doesnt have this support and is basically a cantilevered structure. Any vibration in the right footrest could therefore be exagerated by the hi-frequency 'flap' of the footrest bracket during certain parts of the rev range.

A possible explanation.

Cure? Fit plastic footrest hangers, rubber mountings and or rubber covered pegs. Eat Jelly Babies for breakfast?

Hope this is of use

Oh almost forgot try looking here for more info on cylinder synchronizing 

By Crmc33 on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 12:19 am:  View Crmc33's Profile Search for other posts by Crmc33 Edit this post

dont believe everything you read from that crm geezer  

By Oldgit on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 01:32 pm:  View Oldgit's Profile Search for other posts by Oldgit Edit this post

Matthew, It's worth going over the bike to see if anything is loose, frame/engine bolts, are the exhaust touching the frame etc, or you could ask your dealer to do it, I have never sufferd the problem you describe. 

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