Suggestions 4 tyres that last 3750mls (6000km) for a trip!

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By Scottaride on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 06:53 pm:  View Scottaride's Profile Search for other posts by Scottaride Edit this post

Currently I run Dunlops 207RR. Great tyre! But I only get 4000km out of the rear and Im going on a tour of our South Island in New Zealand and don't want to be looking for a bike shop half way around.

It will need to handle 6000km and the roads are quite coarse. Plus I ride reasonably hard so I still want to be able to fang it with confidence.

Am I asking the impossible? Any suggestions?  

By Exdukenut on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 09:31 pm:  View Exdukenut's Profile Search for other posts by Exdukenut Edit this post

Depends on how your front tyre is looking, as to whether you change brands or not, but the Bridgestone 020 rear with an 010 front should be aok, or Michelin Pilot sports (got 5000kms out of them, from new with 3000kms touring 2 track days etc, and they still had some life left.) Just remember that the Pilots need some warm up time.

If however the front Dunlop is aok then go for a harder compund Dunlop rear.

Just my 2 cents worth.  

By Befbever on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 11:28 pm:  View Befbever's Profile Search for other posts by Befbever Edit this post

For longevity the regular D207's are very lasting. They're still great tyres, not in the league of the BT-012's I now have, but they'll go the distance and offer plenty of grip.

Hey, Ex, tried the BT-012's yet? Sounds like the tyre for you to be honest.

I suppose you being the smooth operator it'll be okay to tell you I did 24.000 km with the front D207. Who needs brakes when you got an engine brake like this eh?

If this makes me sound like a wuss who can't ride that's ok. Anyone wants to find out is free to offer me a track day in some warm country. I'll bring the beer.

P.S.: I wear the rear tyres just like anyone else. It's the fronts that always go a long distance. 

By Exdukenut on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 12:56 am:  View Exdukenut's Profile Search for other posts by Exdukenut Edit this post

Bef, I'll be changing the front 010 (almost shagged, but I'll get to Phillip Island next week and back on it not a prob. That means 2 track days, and 5000kms) The rear 010 (2nd one since changing from the Pilots) on now, will have done 3500kms, with 3000kms touring (the first only lasted around the 2k kms mark., and I'm sure it'll be squared off from mostly straight running, although we are trying to go via the most twisty way to PI. It wears supperbly, nice rubber shearing, everytime I go out. Great performance wet and dry.

Once back I'll be definately switching to the 012's as I've got a Premium Track day with the Aussie Superbike School early December. 15 people on the track at any one time. I'll be in the fast group. If I can get some photo's of the day I'll see if I can post them up.

Scott, as stated above it really comes down to how the front Dunlop is wearing at the moment, as to whether you can get away with just getting a harder compound Dunlop rear or whether to switch to another brand for both front and rear.

Rgds all.

Hey Bef, you pay for the airfare and you are more than welcome to come to a track day with us. Only proviso is to have the beers really chilled for after the day.


By Crmc33 on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 01:20 am:  View Crmc33's Profile Search for other posts by Crmc33 Edit this post

my 2p...

M1 Sportecs

3000kms so far, rear half worn in the centre, crispy at the edges

This includes one hard track day and fast 120mph+ autobahn ride right across Germany. So these tyres might also do the job. Eye am impressed 

By Scottaride on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 03:16 pm:  View Scottaride's Profile Search for other posts by Scottaride Edit this post

Choices choices choices... what is a guy to do?

My front 207RR is probibly OK for another 6000km....maybe!!!! But I dont mind putting a full new set of something else on as I would just use the existing front 207rr when I get back. Jeeze, I have about 4 sets of half worn tyres in the garage now!

Maybe I should put a new 207rr on the front and the standard 207 on the rear. But Ive never used the basic 207 so am unsure of there grip and predictability.

Personally I would never go for another Bridgestone 020. They are fine when new (Which is how the testers have them), but once they get half worn I found they broke traction in the wet all the time. Sometimes in the dry too. And it was never progressive. It would just let go and step out. Gave me waaaaaay to many hairy moments.

How does the M1 Sportec compare to the Pilot Sport for grip and longevity?

And what about the NEW Azario Sport touring AV45/46 or sport AV49/50? I know the OLD Azarios were crap, but I heard the new ones are very good!


By Mditka86 on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 08:54 am:  View Mditka86's Profile Search for other posts by Mditka86 Edit this post

Try the Dunlop 207XR's. You won't be disappointed.  

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