My Mille stolen today :(

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By Myapriliarsv on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 02:31 pm:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post

Well today absolutely sucks!!! I came home at 2:30 to let my dog out and I found that some SOB smashed my garage door in and stole my Mille.

The scumbags obviously targeted my house. I have construction going on in my basement so I had everything that is normally in my basement (washer, dryer, weight equipment, tread mill, power tools, etc) in the garage. I even had some stock bike parts in a box next to the bike.

The only thing they took was the rear stand, bike and a power drill. They went through my tool box that was next to the bike (maybe looking for a key) but it doesn't seem that anything other than the drill was taken.

F' me, bastids. Here is a list of aftermarket parts that may show up on ebay or such.

00.5' Red RSV Mille
Mototek rear sets
Silver PVM Magnesium Wheels
Renegade Carbon Full System (See I knew you guys really wanted the Renes )
Evol Ignition Amp
Carbon side panels
Carbon rear hugger and chain guard

I am so GD pissed right now! Man I have almost $4,500 in aftermarket parts on the bike that insurance won't the $3,000 I had to spend to fix her after last Novembers this sucks. 

By Racerxlilbro on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 02:56 pm:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post

OMG! I can't believe it!

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! Let's get a lynch party together! 

By Myapriliarsv on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 03:20 pm:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post


Believe me if they find these muthas they better lock them up cause i will beat the living Shi* out of them....they had the balls to break into my garage...I live in an upscale area...must have been some scumbags from Bridgeport, CT (30 min away)...probably drove by one day as i was washing her and been casing my house since..

I want to kick the crap out of someone!!!  

By Exdukenut on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:28 pm:  View Exdukenut's Profile Search for other posts by Exdukenut Edit this post

Jim, really sorry to hear about it. Take care man, and remember that thieves usually return up to 5-6 weeks later to rip off anything that has been replaced, plus whatever they can't take the first time round.

String the pricks up from their testicles I say.  

By Taffrsv on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:47 pm:  View Taffrsv's Profile Search for other posts by Taffrsv Edit this post

Sorry to here your bad news, I've been done over twice and it sucks, hope your insurance pays up for you.


By Nickp on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 10:55 pm:  View Nickp's Profile Search for other posts by Nickp Edit this post

That's a real sh*tter fella.
Maybe you should check out the earlier thread on security. There were devices to electrify the door and others that make the thieving sh*ts go dizzy and spew their rings.  

By Bonerp on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - 11:39 pm:  View Bonerp's Profile Search for other posts by Bonerp Edit this post

Put your registration plate and chassis number on as many boards as you can. You never know?

Bad luck, sorry Jim.

By Befbever on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 12:40 am:  View Befbever's Profile Search for other posts by Befbever Edit this post

Really really sorry to hear this, Jim. I hope they find the MFers and especially your bike.
Testicles, what Ex said.

By Powermaster on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 01:26 am:  View Powermaster's Profile Search for other posts by Powermaster Edit this post

Jim, words can not describe how Tomo and I feel, I am sorry for not calling you back last night. I was too gutted to say the least. We know what you are going through, I still do not sleep well, after 15 years, it's not the stolen goods that disturbed me but violating my privacy.

At times like this we need to join together not only as Mille owners, but as bikers above all. The situation like this will continue to happen but together we can try to minimize it.

Bike theft will never stop, but the AP community can try and look after each other. Professional bike thieves know what to look for and normally go for common bikes, easy to get rid off. The AP is not a common bike and they would be of no interest to them, I believe that a very high percentage of AP owners surf the net or are in touch with the AP forums (so are professional thieves).

I followed Damon's thread on the AP Forum and felt as sorrow.

Jim and Damon's bikes are very unique, Jim's has the only Renes with badges on and we have records of all who bought full systems, (The other day when Ken said that he had the Renes "promaster" to test, we did a search to identify whom it belonged to, only when Sal sent us the pics, we figured out that it belonged to RSVFAN " a lowfish mount" )
Jim also has the PVM wheels, again this is easily traceable. Damon's Tigs are also very rare.

I believe that who stole Jim's or Damon's bike has no idea of their rarity and probably did it for joy ridding or thinks that these bikes are easily disposable, particularly in parts.
We, AP owners are the ONLY interested party, we all have temptations, a cheap set of wheels or performance parts would do nicely.

I ask you all to help out on this one, to post on every forum, message board or whatever is out there that carries the name Aprilia. I heard that EBay is the best place to get rid of stuff, but I believe these bike/parts are more likely to turn up at dealers doors or at bike gatherings.

Jim, I am convinced that this was an inside job, any outsider would not try to steal your bike, seeing that you have a 200 pound Rott, unless he new that the dog was kept inside the house for the worker's protection. I will speak to you later and will give you some tips on how, a little handshake, can do wonders.  

By Scotty on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 02:20 am:  View Scotty's Profile Search for other posts by Scotty Edit this post

Sorry to hear that Jim, that sucks big time.

I do hope that the persons responsible are caught and suitably delt with. 

By Racerxlilbro on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 06:33 am:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post


Why don't you give us a photo, description of unique characteristics, tag numbers, etc, that we can post all over...including the web forums we frequent? A guy on the GSX-R forum found his stolen bike for sale on the very same forum! He led the cops right to the theives.

Jorge's comments about the uniqueness of your bike are spot on. I don't think the theives knew what they were stealing. A friend of mine runs a Porsche dismantler, and had someone call him to see if he wanted to buy a "special" model...Only problem, is Porsche USA had already called him and informed him that their one-off SHOWCAR had been stolen. DUH???? Needless to say, he "bought" the showcar, and the bad guys went to jail.  

By Myapriliarsv on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 08:08 am:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post

Thanks again guys...I am really frickin bummed out. I know its a bike and can be replaced, but man I loved that bike...just dialed in the way I wanted...I put my signature on her with all the mods I had done......

I guess I will be getting a used beater bike for the remainder of the summer. I heard from a very reliable source that 03' RSV should see some serious changes....

Well off to meet the insurance agent


well as I said before these are some of the parts I had on it and a few things to look for

i am sure the PVM Silver Mags are quite unique.

The tank had a few dings from when i had my get off last year.

The rear cowl was scratched when gregrsv01 knocked it off the bike when i was filling her up

small scratch in the frame where the shifter dug in during my get off

Renegade Full CF OVal system is unique  

By Myapriliarsv on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 08:09 am:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post

picture of my bike is on my profile

By Racerxlilbro on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 12:44 pm:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post


I posted the photo, a description, and my contact info on and SBN. Hopefully, someone will see something. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Several guys on the gixxer forum were from your area and felt, like me, that your bike is unique enough that it'll probably resurface. Let's hope.;f=27;t=015360

That's the thread...


By Crud on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 08:10 am:  View Crud's Profile Search for other posts by Crud Edit this post

Jim -
As I said on ESB, so so so sorry to hear of your loss. I've had the same thing happen, it's a violating, angry, shitty feeling and you will probably nevr feel the same again. But this is why we have insurance, for problems such as these (unfortunately, I had no theft on the bike that was stolen from me) - on the good side, think of the fun you will have test riding new rides, and how great if will feel to ride a new bike home! I look forward to tearing up the Connecticut roads following you on a new "R"!  

By Geo on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 09:25 am:  View Geo's Profile Search for other posts by Geo Edit this post

Do searches for the next few weeks on the "cycletraderonline" and not just in your state, there are very few aprilias in the trader so if anyone puts it for sale you'll see it.
Bummer I had 2 bikes stolen over the years but I came ahead on the insurance.
Like you said the 03 will be the hot one, so look forward to that.  

By Myapriliarsv on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 02:45 pm:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post

Man it is like 85 degrees, sun is out and I have no bike....

The insurance company was cool, but they told me it will be 3-4 weeks before they pay out as the hope is I will see my bike again.

The local police and State police both agree that it will most likely surface, but they both believe I won't be very happy when i see her again.

Both feel like everyone else that whoever stole it most likely has no idea what they grabbed and will end up trashing it or selling it to some city punk for a few hundred bucks...

I stopped by my dealer and the owner was really great...he has a 02' Black RSV-R still in the crate. he offered it to me for only a few hundred over cost...I may opt to go that route instead of waiting for the 03' models...

Man it would be one thing if it were winter, but it is so damn nice out  

By Crud on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 04:19 pm:  View Crud's Profile Search for other posts by Crud Edit this post

Jim -
Go down to the supermarket with a few quarters, and ride those little motorcycle rides outsie the exit doors, that will tide you over for a few weeks!

Best of luck - I hope they do manage to find these guys - better yet, have them show up with it at the dairy, that would be the ultimate irony to catch em there with it.

Otherwise, I know how hard it will be for you to have to ride a brand new "r", but I am sure over time you will learn to deal with such a chore!  

By Mr_Venjer on Saturday, June 29, 2002 - 01:25 am:  View Mr_Venjer's Profile Search for other posts by Mr_Venjer Edit this post

Myapriliarsv, sorry to hear about your theft. It happened to me 3 years ago but that was a cheap ZX6R. I'll do my bit if I see it surface anywhere on the web.

Once again, sorry to hear the news. 

By Myapriliarsv on Sunday, June 30, 2002 - 03:30 pm:  View Myapriliarsv's Profile Search for other posts by Myapriliarsv Edit this post

Well most everyone including the police seem to think that the contractors had something to do with my bike's disappearance.

I spoke to my ex wife today. She had called me Wed morning to see if it would be okay for her to stop by and see our dog. She is moving away next week (YIPPEE :) ) and wanted to say goodbye to the baby.

Well the head foreman that subcontrated these people left my house at 11:30 wednesday morning. He said he left the guys to finish cleaning up their tools.

The 4 guys that were left alone at my house claim to have left between 12~12:30. My ex-wife notified me that she was at my house from 12:15 ~ 2:15 that afternoon and that she found it odd that my garage was open and both my bike and car weren't there. She assumed I had one or the other in for service...blah blah blah....

Anyway that means that if these guys left at noon exactly the thief had 15 minutres to break into my garage and steal the bike. We know she was here no later than 12:15 because she bought (has the receipt with time stamped on it) a sandwich from subway and brought it to the house...3-4 miles away.

I think that this makes it very clear that these guys took the oppurtunity to lift my bike. They had a box van with a lift gate and a pick up truck on the site...

it seems almost impossible that someone had scoped my place out could have waited for them to leave, pull in and break in that window

What really has me upset is the officer I was dealing with is not back on duty until 4 PM tomorrow and the dispatcher was no help at all. Someone from the company is supposed to be here tomorrow morning to clean up and finish the project....

If I don't post again for awhile it is only because I beat the crap out of these guys and got hauled away...I haven't swung my baseball bat since my senior year of high school...but i think I still remember how to use it  

By Befbever on Monday, July 01, 2002 - 01:23 am:  View Befbever's Profile Search for other posts by Befbever Edit this post

I wouldn't do that, Jim. These guys ain't worth you going to jail for.

Would these subcontractors be so stupid to haul your bike away, knowing they'd be the prime suspects?

Or does your ex-wife now suddenly become a suspect? Motive, opportunity, etc. 

By Richandall on Friday, July 05, 2002 - 06:32 am:  View Richandall's Profile Search for other posts by Richandall Edit this post

Well, mr befbever, you know how to wind up a man dontcha?

Personally I think it was the dog

- Rich


By Salkhan on Friday, July 05, 2002 - 07:37 am:  View Salkhan's Profile Search for other posts by Salkhan Edit this post

Stretch first dude.

Wouldn't want you to pull a muscle.  

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