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By Powermaster on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 03:39 pm:  View Powermaster's Profile Search for other posts by Powermaster Edit this post

airkit plate

I am sorry if I bother you with this issue again, but after reading posts on
this and others boards about how the airkit is portrayed, I wonder if
readers not familiar with the kit actually understand what the matter is

Although this was stated in another thread, I feel that showing a picture of
the "needed trimming area" would make things a little clearer.

Please note that on the bike pictured (US owner), the plate had no need for
trimming (just like the Falco on which the plate was originally prototyped)
nor was any trimming needed on my own Mille and countless others.

To avoid any more debate on this matter, I have decided to trim all plates
from now on and will explain to customers why there is an indent cut near
the throttle cables.

Regarding the plate quality issue, I really cannot understand what the
problem is and would wish that those who feel slighted would get in touch
with Renegade directly.

So what is the purpose of the airkit and what is it that we promise, also
what does it consist of, you may ask?

The purpose of the airkit is to totally replace the original airbox,
achieving a better airflow into the engine.
After hundreds of tests and thousands of road miles, we concluded that with
the adding of our airkit in the Mille and Falco, we could promise an
increase of 5 to 7 bhp in the power curve. Further independent tests have
shown that this increase is also possible without any exhaust modification,
however all our tests were made with our off road exhausts and Renegade

The Airkit, comprises of a carbon base plate, designed to house the trumpets
in their original position, the air snorkel and the sensor attached to the
original airbox. Apart from this the main purpose of the plate is to prevent
hot air rising from the engine from mixing with fresher air.

Our tests revealed that NOT sealing the air plate gave us better results.

An alternative filter was designed to sit directly on top of the trumpets,
thus protecting the engine, such filter is part of the Airkit and is fully

To get maximum airflow the biggest possible filter was designed, however due
to the position of the trumpets and the tank design, the tank (when closed)
makes contact with a corner of the filter. This will not affect the airflow
nor will it detract from the purpose of the filter.

17.000+ miles (in all weathers) on our test Falco have proved that the
filter does his job. If I may say, better than the original supplied.

Best Regards

By Befbever on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 01:25 am:  View Befbever's Profile Search for other posts by Befbever Edit this post


17.000+ miles (in all weathers) on our test Falco have proved that the filter does his job.

You bet! These Aprilia oil filters are top notch!

By Racerxlilbro on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 07:14 am:  View Racerxlilbro's Profile Search for other posts by Racerxlilbro Edit this post

Looks great, and no "safety" wire, either! 

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