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By Taffrsv on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 12:01 pm:  View Taffrsv's Profile Search for other posts by Taffrsv Edit this post

I have been to my dealer today to see if any of my warranty parts have arrived, they informed me that my claim for new front mudguard has been rejected by Italy (thats where the warranty department is now) the reason


if the mudguard was less than a month old or it was a paint fault they would replace it, but since the bike is 7 mths old the owner might have took it off and not replaced it correctly so causing stress fractures and cracks, so we will not replace


1 why the foook would I want to take a mudguard off.

2 having now checked, the bolts holding it on are shoulder bolts, so you can't over tighten them and stress the guard

3 the cracks are not near the bolt holes

I paid extra for a official UK bike so to get the 3yr warranty, I wish I had never bothered and saved my money with a import. My next service is coming up £100 +, for what a oil/filter change and to "CHECK" the bike over, I think not sod the warranty I'll do it myself, probably make a better job of it.

I have phoned Aprilia 4 times in a week, each time they say we will look into it and phone back, have they bollocks, so If anyone has any contact tel no's or e-mail addresses can they post them please.

This is not finished with, they have pissed the wrong bloke off here. 

By Guzzi on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 01:22 pm:  View Guzzi's Profile Search for other posts by Guzzi Edit this post

Keep at it, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. I've just had a warranty approval for new spoke nipples on my Capo. They started rusting after 12 weeks, its now 6 months old.

Did you get strong support from your supplier?


By Andyjfalco on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 01:46 pm:  View Andyjfalco's Profile Search for other posts by Andyjfalco Edit this post

A three year warranty requires three years of dealer servicing. ie. up to £1000 if you do a lot of miles. Stuff that! I'm getting mine done by a local mechanic I've been using for the last 15 years. Aprilia warranty, not worth a toss (IMHO)  

By Taffrsv on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 02:02 pm:  View Taffrsv's Profile Search for other posts by Taffrsv Edit this post


to be fair to my dealer they where very embarrassed to have to tell me, it was there idea to check the bolts for a shoulder. I phoned them back to tell them my findings and they said they would get back in touch with Italy, I phoned Aprilia UK they failed to return my call. Even if I get a result I'm not expecting fast service, I've been waiting 4 1/2 mths for a RSV decal.


By Befbever on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 10:28 am:  View Befbever's Profile Search for other posts by Befbever Edit this post


I paid extra for a official UK bike so to get the 3yr warranty, I wish I had never bothered and saved my money with a import

I don't blame you a bit for being angry. You did the right thing in the eyes of Aprilia, the least they could do is not insult your intelligence by this kind of stupid reply.
Got my bike more than two years and I've only taken the mudguard off once in order to change the fork oil & springs.

Oh yes, and mine's been chipped for ages. I don't even bother telling the dealer since I know what Aprilia will say. They blame me for their faulty clutch, so they will for sure for the mudguard.  

By Falcofra on Thursday, May 30, 2002 - 05:37 am:  View Falcofra's Profile Search for other posts by Falcofra Edit this post

I agree that the three year warranty is not worth a toss. I bought a U K spec' Falco from onyerbike and paid £175 for them to change the oil, check a few nuts and bolts, and ride it up and down the road for 10 mins. That was the first and only dealer service my bike is going to get.
It's really simple to change the oil and filter. To clean the plugs you only need to prop up the tank, remove the airbox, vacuum any bits of crud from down the plug recesses (2 per cylinder) before you remove them, takes 20 mins max.
My local dealer assures me that it's very rare to need to re shim the valve clearances on any aprilia V Twin with average milage within the first 3 years so I recon its worth the risk of losing the warranty and doing the servicing yourself.
Good Luck

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